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Okaloosa County, Walton County

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  •     Membership Dues Are Due by November of each year.  Dues must be paid by October or you could loose your membership.


  • Ray will be placing a T-Shirt order for the High VIS yellow shirts.  If you need one contact Ray with what you need



  • New board members:  2011

Ken Christmas          President   

Ronnie Ard             Vice-President 

Keith Matz           Secretary   

Matt Christmas            Treasurer   

Fred Lithgow        Director 

Mike Hogan        Director 

Bill Harwood            Director    

John Briggs        Director

Herb        Quartermaster


Tommy Nieft            Web Admin   


  • We now have T-Shirts, sweat shirts, caps, and other stuff for sale.  If wish to order one please contact the quartermaster during the next meeting.



  • BKFLXXV Official Pins for sale.  The price for the pins are $5.00 each for club members.  Also the pins are available for non members at the same cost.  If wish to order one please contact the quartermaster at the next meeting.